New Direction

As of this moment, Nightscape Technologies is no longer selling parts kits. The maintenance on them has proven to be too high, and the profit too low. I have decided to take the company in another direction. From now on we will be focusing on custom integrated control systems, wireless networks, and high quality completed props.

For those that are still interested in a low-cost Bomb Prop, we plan to release a packaged Bomb Prop program that can be installed on an old laptop or computer. A Raspberry Pi would also serve as a decent platform for it. If this is something that you would be interested in, please contact us at

New Product

I have added a couple "new" products to the store today. The "Simple Bomb Prop Kit" Pushbutton Version and Wire-Cut Version. The Simple Bomb Prop Kit is a stripped down version of the standard Bomb Prop Kit that costs only $55. The LCD is replaced with a simple Red/Green/Blue LED that indicates the state of the prop (Armed/disarmed/ready), the buzzer is shrunk to a smaller 85dB unit, and the keypad is replaced with either a simple pushbutton or a "wire-cut" circuit. The pushbutton version works similar to the bombs you see in classic videogames like Counter-Strike. The bomb is armed when the button is held down for a certain period of time, and then disarmed when the button is held down again. The wire-cut version is armed when it is powered on. There are 5 wires, two disarm the prop when cut, two detonate the prop when cut, and one does nothing when cut. To add more wires, you can chain them together and simply hide the end terminations from the player.

I will be adding some more pictures and video of this prop soon.

Bomb Prop V7.0 Wiring Diagram

I have finally added a simple wiring diagram for the newest Bomb Prop version to the "Wiring Diagrams" page. This should make it a little easier for you guys to assemble the things. I'm keeping the old diagrams up for those of you that are still using the older version.



Bomb Prop V7.0

The new Bomb Prop V7.0 PCBs have arrived. The first batch tested fine, so I have already submitted another order. I was not able to decrease the prices as much as I would like, due to an increase in payment processing fees (of nearly 10%).

New Bomb Prop Kits

The last of the Bomb Prop Kit V6.1 units have been sold. The kits will be out of stock while I work on some new hardware. Custom orders will still be accepted during this period. As it stands now, I have optimized the build process as far as it can go. The most expensive item on the cost sheet is labor, which I would like to fix by ordering some of the parts in a preassembled state. This means new code, new circuit designs, and new PCBs. The goal is to hit $65, including shipping for the Bomb Prop Easy Assembly Kit. The cost for the relay add-on should drop to $6 or less.

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